The look is straight. Professional success The Lion Rising gets fame, money and honors in any business, excluding the monotonous routine work away from society. They are methodical planners, use their intuition in making decisions, and are progressive and creative thinkers. The truth is that you are true to your principles. You know that person whos always laughing the loudest, being the silliest, and generally seems to be the entertainment of the whole joint? According to astrologer Liz Greene, during our time in the womb, the universe is simply the self. This person feels comfortable and confident with themselves and are generally comfortable in public. People with this rising sign are very affectionate and enjoy giving hugs and touching; this is their way of showing their acceptance of others. Leo also lives in the realm of children, romance, creativity, and performance giving this ascendant sign a flare for the dramatics in a youthful, playful way. You are confident and appear taller than you actually are. Whereas cardinal and mutable signs are always open to new ideas and always changing, fixed signs are stubbornly set in their ways. When a Leo rising is putting on a show for you, youd better clap for them. How their houses are set up is pretty intense, notes professional astrologer Taryn Bond. A Leo ascendant woman likes to lead in bed once in a while. A rather surprising connection that Bond points out is with Capricorn risings, as they have Leo in their eighth house. One thing that will not change is your determination to achieve greatness in the fields you are passionate about. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. As well-meaning idealists, those with Pisces rising like to be of service to their fellow man, however . At the same time, Lions are generous, noble, sincere and generous. Leo looks divine in extra-long trousers, exquisite hats, stylish vests, denim and velvet. They are confident, energetic, and caring towards other people. They have artistic fingers and dreamy eyes that charm everyone. Their eyes are wide and piercing. The rising sign of Leo makes a person an outstanding leader, boss or organiser. Virgo: Virgo ascending The height is usually average and their body is remarkable and slender with regular legs and they may have big or flat stomach. The rising sign, or first house, is something of a monarch when it comes to your natal chart. Leo Ascendant Female A Leo ascendant woman does not settle down with a man unless she thinks she has found her soul mate. They have a playful attitude on life that makes it fun. The Ascendant tells us about the clothes we wear, how we relate to our bodies, the car we drive, and even how we style our hair. She discusses men and women in separate videos. Taryn Bond, professional tropical astrologer practicing synthesis of evolutionary, modern, traditional, and intuitive techniques rooted in a humanistic, soul-based astrological approach, Valerie Mesa, professional astrologer, soul coach, and writer, Indigo Selah-Jael Witt, astrologer and Tiktok content creator focusing on interpreting the stars, spirituality, and pop culture, Be the first to know what's trending, straight from Elite Daily, Aquarius Rising Signs Were Born To Make A Difference In The World, What Is Pedro Pascal's Rising Sign? They like to feel larger than life and arent afraid to perform. Their overall personality is soft and sensitive. They are popular, outgoing, charming, and clever. They have a natural ability to lead and to make an impact in whatever they do. Ascendant of Leo Leo's are characterized by their warmth, generosity and desire to understand others. Hates being humiliated and embarrassed. Being the first sign, you lead the cavalry. While Leo risings do dress up for themselves, they might put in a little extra effort to play up their stunning good looks if theyre trying to strike an impression. Aquarians are far and away the most physically attractive sign in the zodiac, especially around the eyes, because the sign rules that area (as well as the lower legs). These people love children, enjoy home and domestic life, are affectionate with their loved ones and warmly attached to their families. With the sun sign, theres about a month-long window that the sun passes through each sign. How a Aquarius Rising person looks: When ascending, the body is seldom above medium, of fine build, round features, rather delicate. The Pisces rising people are one of the most beautiful in the zodiac. I look nothing like a Virgo, my Sun and Moon sign. Aries's strongest traits and characteristics allow them to move forward, face new challenges, and go where others dare not go. The Taurus sign, ruled by Venus, is known for its loyalty and persistence, a bull looking for something it wants until it finds it. They walk like royalty and their stature is both imposing and catchy. They lead with, here I am with my love, and people respond to that, offers Bond. They will have Oval full face, fair or clear complexion, broad shoulders, fantastic wide eyes with gleeful appearance . The skin is prone to redness, freckles, and pigmentation. When you are born, your rising sign is the zodiac sign that was rising on the eastern horizon.. Gems for Leo . With a Venus-ruled sign in their tenth house, they might yearn for a beautiful work environment where they feel physically comfortable. Libra Risings have very pleasant, symmetrical facial features. Most of the time theyre not actively seeking out large groups of people, but somehow, Leo risings always seem to garner an audience. Their optimistic outlook and inspiring nature attracts many people to them. These folks are confident, creative and friendly. The main feature is a lush head of hair, a nose thickened at the tip, and wide cheekbones. Leo is a sign of fixed, fire, and yang energies. As a regal sign, there is a sense of royalty and grace in the way they carry themselves. Even if theyre on the quieter side, theyre always sort of ready to be in the spotlight. Fixed signs love consistency, and for determined Leo risings, this is doubled down with their Taurus midheaven, or tenth house of career and reputation. These traits combined with their egocentric behavior make them want to be fair at all costs. People with Virgo Sun Leo rising are by nature practical, organized, detail oriented, and meticulous. They also have an outstanding inner strength that helps them to become key figures in society. Whether it be because theyre models, or influencers, or they have an OnlyFans, or they work out and they like to post their pictures [there is] something very physical and sensual about their legacy, Mesa offers. You believe that anything is possible. Leo Ascendants have strong shoulders and excellent posture. They like to figure people out. These two signs form a square aspect with each other, so it will certainly take work to assuage their differences, but wow, are they spicy together. Day. Theres a fine line between them wanting the royal treatment at all times, versus their ability to just go after their prey in such a passionate way, Mesa explains. These people are ambitious and have a high level of trustworthiness. To find out your Ascendant sign, you must know your exact birth time as the current sign changes roughly every two hours. This is why you feel free to take everything that is on offer. Rising Signs Physical Descriptions. Watching you feels like a grand advertisement on TV. Wherever they go, others flock to them for the show. Defining Traits Face Shape: oblong, diamond, or square Eye Shape: almond or upturned Style: Classy couture, streetwear, casual chic, or cute comfortable. Has great leadership skills and knows how to motivate people. They are strongly motivated by creative self-expression and desires to achieve recognition for their talents. Leo risings may also have a feline-looking quality to them, according to Bond. Their noses are typically rounded at the top. They have strong and bold features, a wide forehead, and thick hair and generally bear a tall stature. Independent and with a good head for business, the Virgo Sun Leo rising person has a great sense of humor and is loyal. Their facial features are delicate and give a youthful appearance. The 1st House or the Ascendant is the sign rising over the eastern horizon at the time of birth. Their dominant traits are understanding, fairness, and justice. Girls like to take care of their hair, put it in curls and create a magnificent hairstyle for themselves. Sometimes, this may make them look even older than their actual age. Facial features are monumental, somewhat rude. Therefore, often their appearance is majestic. These people are intelligent, enterprising, and versatile. Theres something about them that demands respect, Mesa says. They have attractive feline-like facial features, a wider, flatter face, and prominent cheeks. It is important for them to feel they have earned something before they can truly be happy about receiving or possessing it. Whatever that sun sign is can really come through and be where they emit their rays, Witt notes. Gemini Sun Leo Rising natives tend to be particularly smart and often feel smarter than those around them. Thus, you are great at leading campaigns and promotions. A girl with an ascendant in Leo sincerely loves children. They are immensely self-confident and radiate the more they are recognized. You love a good show and appreciate it when others put on a good show. The Pisces sun Leo rising person is creative and enthusiastic, able to work well in a team. Scorpio Sun Leo rising is an intense, magnetic personality. Due to their posture, Leo often looks taller than they are. . They are well built; they have a substantial, relief, even muscular body, with a well-developed chest. They have the perfect slim body with magnetic facial features and glowing skin. Very good at public speaking. Their upper body is very well developed and contoured rather than the lower half. This fixed fire sign is like a campfire: People naturally gather around it. Meow! The Taurus Sun Leo rising is an exceptionally stable and versatile sign that has a deep-seated desire for stability and security in all things. The voice and laughter are typically loud. You jump into the action with both feet and wear your heart on your sleeve, showing how you feel to others at all times. You know youre a showstopper and relish the attention you get from others. They often have dreamy, light-colored eyes, naturally straight and light-colored hair with finely-chiseled, attractive facial features, and lovely profiles. The Leos are characterized by strong physical features with long feet and hand. Aries usually have a strong nose, a flashing smile, and sparkling eyes. He may act like a kid in the beginning but with time he is a loving and loyal husband. However, they are always on edge, at the risk of overdoing it and looking a little too much. Famous Leo Rising women include Marilyn Monroe, Celine Dion, Tina Turner, Blake Lively, Zoe Saldana, Vanessa Hudgens, Meryl Streep, Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez, and Maya Angelou. First, the ascendant sign is far more indicative of a person than their sun in general, but people with Leo here are special in this regard.